Art That Uplifts

Art has always been a passion of mine. I believe I was born to create art and spread joy with what makes me happiest. I hope you find something in the shop for your home. Whether it’s a sticker for your water bottle, a print or tapestry for your bedroom, a keychain, a shirt to wear, or a coloring book to share with your family and friends. Thank you for exploring my art.

Original Designs For Your Home


A great addition to any fridge, custom magnets are available. Custom shapes,... 


3x3” Thick, durable vinyl protected from scratches, water and sunlight. Suitable for... 

  • Sacred Geometry

    Sacred geometry is a metaphysical tool used to manifest dreams, restore balance, and inspire connection to the mystical world. It is beneficial to view and draw designs such as the flower of life and metatron’s cube. All of which are available in my new coloring book, an affordable way to share the relaxation and healing of sacred geometry with your friends and family.

    Cosmic Coloring Book 
  • Commission

    Interested in something custom? I work with all budgets and many mediums ; including watercolor , gouache, acrylic, ink, and digital. I’ve done pet portraits, anniversary paintings, crystal grids, dream catchers, logos and digital branding, shoes, and flower pots.

    Contact me with your design 



Tapestries with original designs by Abby Pfister. A great choice for any space.