About The Artist

 Abigal Pfister

    As an artist I have always loved to create and express myself through paintings. This passion has carried on with me my entire life. I enjoy using and exploring many mediums, the main ones include: acrylic, gouache, ink, graphite, and watercolour. As well as digital art.

    I specialize in sacred geometry designs, and use it as the main focus in much of my art to raise the vibrations of energy around the observer as well as the room the art is being displayed in. 

Sacred geometry can be found all around us (in atoms, plants, cells,galaxies and much more), and it stems from creation itself. These healing symbols allow the mind to be more easily opened, as well as balance the left and right sides of the brain. Sacred geometry can also improve spatial awareness, enhances meditation, and promotes a greater understanding of self and nature through a deeper dimensional thinking.        

    Before I paint, I enjoy researching my subject and sketching it from multiple perspectives. Many of my subjects include spiritual topics, nature, or other things I am passionate about, such as animals. 

    Many of my art is inspired by where I grew up in FL. I enjoy creating space dust galaxies and dream-like beach scenes.